This Week in San Diego Hiking – June 23, 2014

Lembert Dome at Tuolumne MeadowsSo the house next door to ours is a rental, and we’ve seen a number of neighbors come and go. After the last bunch of tenants hurriedly left, someone from the City Attorney’s Office came around asking questions about their current whereabouts. The new family has not only an aspiring drummer, but a group of teenagers and a small child who enjoy spending hours in the backyard pool smacking each other with pool noodles and screaming loudly. Fortunately, most of the noise is drowned out by the cacophonous roar of the engine from their newly acquired dune buggy, which they periodically turn on and let idle in the driveway for no apparent reason. You might think we’re eager for them to move out, but at this rate I expect the next guy will be a serial killer.

New Patagonia

If you have loud annoying neighbors, you should totally get out of there and go for a hike. How about an Early Morning Fitness Hike at Daley Ranch on Sunday Morning? Join Naturalist Rita Ospelt on this hike covering the east and west sides of Daley Ranch. They will follow several of the single-track trails and climb to one of the higher points—Stanley Peak. The total distance is about 10.6 miles and they will be hiking at a brisk pace. There are some steep uphill and downhill sections. The hike is not suited for children. Check out the City of Escondido website for more information, or visit our Events page to find other upcoming hikes and events throughout San Diego County.

While we’re talking fitness, we all know hiking is great exercise, but don’t ignore the benefits of full-body strength training. Hate being cooped up in the gym? Me too! Check out this great 20 minute strength workout you can do outdoors courtesy of the Sierra Social Hub.

And on your recovery day, you can kick back and check out the osprey cam. Watch osprey parents Josie and Elbert care for their 3 chicks Wynken, Blynken and Nod in their nest in Orange Beach, Alabama. This is way better than the reality shows on cable.

The San Diego National Wildlife Refuge has released their draft Comprehensive Conservation Planning and environmental assessment for public review and comment. The preferred plan attempts to optimize species and habitat protection while expanding opportunities for public use. It does appear that the preferred proposal will result in the closure of a number of existing unofficial trails to protect sensitive habitat areas. Comments are due August 18, 2014, and there will be a public meeting held on Tuesday July 15, 2014 from 6 – 8pm at Steel Canyon High School. More information is available at the US Fish & Wildlife Service’s website.

With summer officially here, it’s time to get serious about sun protection. Amazon has a huge selection of Women’s Sun Hats on sale, including the awesome Sloggers Women’s Wide Brim Braided Sun Hat you see me rocking in many of our pictures. This hat is rated UPF 50+ for maximum sun protection, and the adjustable lanyard will keep the hat firmly on your head even through the gale force winds atop Volcan Mountain. It’s also great when you’re outside gardening or just lounging in the sun.

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Creek at Rancho Penasquitos
Have a good (and quiet) week!

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