This Week in San Diego Hiking – July 4, 2016

20160313_DSC1044-EditKitchen Creek FallPhoto: Kitchen Creek Falls trail

Hello Hikers!

Happy Independence Day! Or, as it is known in our house, “cower in the bathtub with the terrified dogs night.” If you don’t have plans already, you can head out to Volcan Mountain tonight for Fireworks and Star Gazing at Volcan Summit. Hike to the Volcan Summit to watch the sunset, and hang out until the 4th of July fireworks light up the night sky! Enjoy being outside in the fresh mountain air for this 7-mile round-trip hike and viewing party. Please dress in layers, wear sturdy shoes and bring water plus a fully charged flashlight for the hike back down. Check out the San Diego County Parks and Recreation Guide for more details, or visit our Events Page for even more upcoming hikes and events.

Modern Hiker posted a good article this week about a recent court decision affecting where Adventure Passes will be required. The Forest Service will only be allowed to charge fees near developed trailheads with specific amenities (including developed parking and permanent restrooms), and will be installing additional signs marking the boundaries of areas where fees (ie Adventure Passes) are required. You can read the full settlement here. In the Cleveland National Forest, the sites that will require fees are as follows:

  • Aqua Dulce Trailhead
  • Dripping SpringsTrailhead
  • El Cariso Picnic
  • Falcon Trailhead (at Blue Jay)
  • Holy Jim Trailhead
  • Hotsprings Trailhead
  • Laguna Trailhead
  • Maple Springs Trailhead
  • Meadows Trailhead
  • Pine Creek Trailhead
  • Pioneer Mail
  • San Juan Trailhead (at Blue Jay)
  • Tenaja Trailhead

The San Dieguito River Valley Conservancy has received a $10,000 grant from REI for the repair and improvements to segments of the Bernardo Summit Trail. They have also received a $1000 grant from Patagonia to support their Citizen Science Monitoring Program.

The first 14 miles of the PCT from the southern terminus to Harts Ranch Road/Big Protrero Truck Trail have been closed due to the recent Border Fire.

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Have a good week!
The final stretch to the top of Volcan MountainPhoto: Volcan Mountain

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