This Week in San Diego Hiking – January 22, 2018

Photo: Del Mar Mesa Preserve

Hello Hikers!

Well I’m not sure how long this government shutdown is going to last. I’m writing this Sunday evening so by the time you read this we may be lucky and its all over, but in case it’s not, here’s some things you need to know:

  • Cabrillo National Monument is closed during the shutdown
  • Cleveland National Forest lands are generally still accessible, but you might find some locked gates and restrooms. Most campgrounds will be closed. Trash service will not be happening, so PLEASE pack out all of your trash if you go up there, and consider bringing an extra trash bag or two and hauling out any trash you encounter so a huge mess doesn’t build up.
  • is down, so no getting permits or making reservations for future trips right now.

Cowles Mountain hikers should be aware of a recent report from NBC 7, who found that that thousands of parking citations have been issued over the past two years for cars not having their wheels properly cramped to the curb along Golfcrest Drive. Other frequent infractions cited on the street include expired registrations and being parked too far from the curb.

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Have a good week!

Photo: Silvercrest Trail

2 thoughts on “This Week in San Diego Hiking – January 22, 2018

  1. I miss that trail on Del Mar Mesa, with it’s vernal ponds, since I moved about a year ago. I used to run on it three days a week from my front door. I think I’ll go back and revisit it soon. Cheers!