This Week in San Diego Hiking – January 2, 2017

Photo: The Boulder Loop Trail at Daley Ranch

Happy New Year, Hikers! Welcome to 2017. I do believe we are experiencing that thing the rest of the country calls “winter.” Looks like today might be wet but hopefully after that it will clear up for a couple of days. There’s snow in the mountains if you’re looking for the real winter experience. Where ever you’re headed, check the forecast before you go.

We have a fee-free day in the National Forests and National Parks this month, on January 16th for Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Hopefully you get the day off and can take advantage of the free day by heading to Cabrillo National Monument or one of the many trails in the Cleveland National Forest.

Next Sunday, head on out to Agua Caliente County Park for a hike along the Marsh Trail. Meet Naturalist Birgit Knorr at the Ranger Station for a leisurely hike at Agua Caliente County Park. Discover the plants and animals that thrive in this desert oasis. Hikers will learn how the hot summer and rainy winter seasons impact the park and all of its inhabitants. Visit the San Diego County Parks and Recreation Program Guide for more information, or visit our Events Page to find even more upcoming hikes and events.

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Have a good week!

Photo: Lopez Canyon

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