Twin Peaks

2016_Twin_Peaks_Poway_DSC_8354-EditTwin Peaks is a small pair of peaks just north of Silverset Park in Poway. The taller, western peak gets the “Twin Peaks” label on topographic maps and appears to be the more popular destination. The smaller peak, a short distance to the east, is an easy side trip worth visiting at least once. Overall its a relatively short hike (just over 2 miles round trip for both summits), but the steep, rugged terrain makes for a worthy climb.

We began at Silverset Park off of Twin Peaks Road. We found the trailhead right by the driveway entrance to the park, just to the right of the “Silverset Park” sign.2016_Twin_Peaks_Poway_DSC_8349-Edit

The wide, dirt path immediately started climbing. The two neighboring peaks that were our destination could be seen in the distance.2016_Twin_Peaks_Poway_DSC_8351-Edit

After only .1 mile we came to the first junction. A wooden bench offered an opportunity to pause and enjoy the surroundings. We turned left up the hill, where there was almost immediately another junction. Here we took the right fork, heading towards the peaks.2016_Twin_Peaks_Poway_DSC_8352-Edit

At .17 miles the trail dipped briefly through a sandy patch, and we noted a side trail leading off to the left. According to a local we met on the trail, both routes led up to the peak but he recommended following the path straight to a turn off further on, so that’s what we did.2016_Twin_Peaks_Poway_DSC_8356

The trail resumed its ascent. We passed another bench near what looked like a use trail leading off towards some neighboring homes. We stayed left along the main trail.2016_Twin_Peaks_Poway_DSC_8360-Edit

Around .3 mile yet another side trail branched off to the left. From the map this looks like it connects to the first branch we had noticed. Following the advice we’d been given, we continued straight on the main path.2016_Twin_Peaks_Poway_DSC_8362-Edit

Another .1 miles brought us to a “Y” junction. We headed uphill to the left.2016_Twin_Peaks_Poway_DSC_8364

We ascended steeply up the rutted dirt road. Dried sage brush and faded buckwheat flowers lined the side of the trail.2016_Twin_Peaks_Poway_DSC_8366-Edit

We took a moment to enjoy the views of Poway behind us.2016_Twin_Peaks_Poway_DSC_8368-Edit

At .56 miles we finally reached the turn-off we’d been looking for. (This was just a short distance before a major “T” intersection with a fire road, so if you reach that point you’ve gone too far.) Here, we turned left and followed a much narrower and slightly overgrown single track.2016_Twin_Peaks_Poway_DSC_8373

The trail wound its way up the hillside.2016_Twin_Peaks_Poway_DSC_8377-Edit

Our effort was rewarded by more outstanding views.2016_Twin_Peaks_Poway_DSC_8378-Edit

As we got closer to the peaks, we found multiple use trails branching off in different directions and then reconnecting. Everything seemed to be going uphill, so we just took what looked like the easiest path heading towards the summit and trusted we would end up in the right spot.2016_Twin_Peaks_Poway_DSC_8390

Several stretches of trail were pretty rocky, and while some extra attention to foot placement was warranted, it wasn’t overly difficult.2016_Twin_Peaks_Poway_DSC_8395

The trail we were on seemed to be heading for the summit of the taller western peak, which was fine by us. We figured that from the top we’d be able to scope out a route to the smaller peak and determine if it was a worthwhile endeavor.2016_Twin_Peaks_Poway_DSC_8402

We finally made it to a relatively flat point just south of the taller peak. We turned left to head up to the summit.2016TwinPeaksDSC_9497

At the top we found a few very nice sitting rocks, and we set about enjoying the views. To the west was the antennae-topped summit of Black Mountain.2016_Twin_Peaks_Poway_DSC_8412

Through the clouds to the east we could see Mount Woodson and Iron Mountain.2016_Twin_Peaks_Poway_DSC_8414

After taking in the scenery, we headed back down to the flat spot just below the summit. From here, a trail to the left appeared to lead to the smaller peak, so we headed that way.2016_Twin_Peaks_Poway_DSC_8432

While this area didn’t seem to be quite as heavily traveled as the larger summit, there was clear-cut trail leading to the smaller peak.2016_Twin_Peaks_Poway_DSC_8434

It was only about .1 mile to reach the second peak. The area was pretty brushy and not as well suited for lounging about as the main summit was, so we didn’t linger very long. We did get a nice shot of the eastern side of the main peak, however.2016_Twin_Peaks_Poway_DSC_8448

Once we finished exploring the smaller peak, we retraced our route back to the park.

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From I-15, take the exit for CA 56/Ted Williams Parkway and head east. Follow Ted Williams Parkway for approximately 2.5 miles and turn right onto Twin Peaks Road. In about .4 miles, turn left onto Silverset Street. Follow Silverset Street for approximately .2 miles. As Silverset makes a 90 degree turn to the left, you will see Silverset Park on the left where you can park. The trailhead is on the left just as you turn into the park’s driveway. map

Total Distance: 2.15 miles
Difficulty: Moderate
Total Ascent: 745 feet
Dog Friendly?: Leashed dogs allowed
Bike Friendly?: Bikes allowed
Facilities: Restrooms and water at Silverset park
Fees/Permits: None

For more information, visit:
View route or download GPX from CalTopo

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