This Week in San Diego Hiking – March 15, 2015

View of Lake PowayHello hikers!

Well now that the weekend’s over and we all have to go back to work, it looks like the weather should start cooling down. Thanks Mother Nature! I can’t manage to be too upset however, because we just secured campground reservations for our summer trip to Yosemite Valley in July, and our lottery applications for Half Dome permits have been submitted! We’re already planning our training regime so you can look forward to some posts on that in the upcoming months.

It also looks like next weekend should have some more reasonable temperatures, so start planning! On Saturday, you can Discover Daley Ranch. Meet Naturalist William Sherrard for a moderately paced hike on the trails of Daley Ranch. The planned hike is between 8 and 10 miles in length and will last about four hours. Check out the Daley Ranch Hikes page for more information, or visit our Events Page to find even more upcoming hikes and activities.

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Have a good week!

Corte Madera Mountain

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