Product Review: LOFTEK 15W Portable Floodlight

There’s no shortage of rechargeable LED lights on the market these days. The LOFTEK 15W Portable Floodlight is a two-in-one cordless, rechargeable floodlight which also serves as a battery-charging power bank. It’s rugged design makes it stand out among other rechargeable lights, and it’s powerful light and and adjustable positioning makes it equally as useful in the garage as in the campsite.

The LOFTEK portable floodlight is the most solidly built light I’ve seen yet. Most portable lights have entirely plastic housings, but the LOFTEK is made of durable iron and aluminum with a plexiglass window. This beast will stand up to abuse that would leave some of those cheaper LED lanterns in pieces.

Of course the metal housing increases the weight – the LOFTEK weighs in at a little over 1.5 lbs. You’ll definitely want to reserve this for your car camping exploits and stick with a lighter weight option when backpacking.

It comes with three settings: max brightness, power saving mode, and SOS mode. At max brightness, the LOFTEK puts out 650 lumens, and 380 lumens in power saving mode. SOS mode consists of a flashing red and blue light which is guaranteed to draw attention. This light would be extremely handy in a vehicle emergency kit in case you break down on a sketchy mountain road after dark.

The attached metal stand helps you position the light optimally for whatever activity or task you’re doing. If you’ve ever arrived to your campsite late at night and had to set up your tent in the dark, you’ll appreciate the LOFTEK’s bright, directional beam and how easy it is to position.

And once camp is set up, the LOFTEK provides ample illumination for all your other campsite activities – preparing dinner, cleaning up, or playing games.

Tools that do double duty are great when travelling so you have fewer things to pack and carry around. The LOFTEK flood light also functions as a power bank so you can charge your cell phone or other portable electronic devices.

So if you’re searching for a tough LED that will stand up to abuse both around the house and in the outdoors, check out LOFTEK.

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received a LOFTEK 15W portable floodlight for free from LOFTEK in consideration for a gear review.

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