Product Review: Inkblaat Insoles

As much as we all love hiking, you have to admit there are a few less than glamorous aspects to the hobby. High on that list are moist, stinky, abused feet. We’re always on the lookout for products that may offer some relief to these discomforts, so we were excited to test out Inkblaat Insoles.

The first thing you’ll notice that is different about Inkblaat Insoles is their extensive selection of fun patterns. These aren’t your grandma’s insoles. There are over 20 different fun and stylish patterns to choose from. We chose Robo Girl and Grandmaster Funk.

Of course, we don’t care how pretty they are if they aren’t effective. So we got right to work putting these things in our shoes. Inkblaat Insoles come in three trim-to-fit sizes based on your shoe size:

  • Small: (Mens/Boys) Size 4-7; (Womens/Girls) Size 5-8
  • Medium: (Mens) Size 8-10; (Womens) Size 9-11
  • Large: (Mens) Size 11-13; (Womens) Size 12-14

The bottom of each insole has a cut line showing you where to trim them to achieve the desired size. You can of course, trim further as necessary to get them to fit comfortably in your shoes. It was easy to cut them down, and with a little finessing we got them comfortably into our shoes.

The insoles are designed to work either in place of or on top of your existing insole. The original insoles in my shoes had significant arch support, so I chose to put the Inkblaat Insoles on top of the existing ones. This made for a somewhat snug fit so you’ll want to plan accordingly – these will probably work best if you’ve got a little extra room in your shoes.

The primary benefit of Inkblaat Insoles is their ability to control odor. They are treated with Aegis Microbe Shield® which prevents odor causing bacteria, and are moisture wicking to help keep your feet dry. These features combine to prevent your shoes from becoming fetid cesspools of stankiness. We found Inkblaat Insoles very effective in reducing odor in our shoes. The ability to help keep your feet dry is also extremely useful if you’re hiking in cold temperatures, because wet + cold = no bueno.

If the insoles do start to get grungy, they are machine washable and dryer safe, so a quick run through the wash will restore their bright colors and odor control properties.

In addition to the odor control benefits, Inkblaat Insoles provide a small degree of extra cushioning, which is always something a hiker can appreciate after a few miles on the trail. They are designed to be worn either with or without socks, so you can wear them around camp while washing and drying your socks.

Best of all, Inkblaat offers a 30 day money-back guarantee. If you’re not fully satisfied, you can return them within 30 days for a full refund plus shipping costs (within the U.S.).

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received Inkblaat Insoles for free from Inkblaat Insoles in consideration for a gear review.

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