Product Review: 2Toms Butt Shield

2Toms Butt Shield chafing prevention for hikersAll right Hikers, today we’re going to discuss one of the less glamorous aspects of hiking: chafing. More importantly, we’re going to talk about a great product for avoiding it: 2Toms Butt Shield.

When you mix sweat-inducing physical exertion and constant motion, it’s not uncommon for patches of skin, particularly in unpleasantly sensitive areas, to be rubbed completely raw. Chafing frequently occurs between the thighs as they rub together, butt cheeks, underarms, feet, and places where clothing seams come in contact with the skin. I’ve even had problems on my ankles where the cuffs of my socks rub against the skin.

2Toms Butt Shield is an easy to apply liquid that forms a frictionless barrier between your skin and the source of irritation, whether that’s clothing, an ill-fitting pack strap, or even other skin. It provides all-day protection with a single application and then washes off easily with soap and water. It contains soothing ingredients like calendula extract, green tree extract, and aloe vera so it is suited for the more delicate parts of both male and female hikers.

It comes in two different forms: individual wipes or a roll-on applicator. The roll-on is good for using at home before you head out for a day hike, and the wipes are perfect for stashing in your pack on a multi-day trip. I actually plan on adding a couple of the wipes to my first-aid kit. You never know when a new piece of gear or clothing might start causing irritation, and it’s considerably easier to prevent chafing in the first place than to try and treat and hike with it later.2Toms Butt Shield convenient and portable

I took a couple of long hikes to test this stuff out, including a trek up El Cajon Mountain on a warm day. If there’s any hike in San Diego County that irritates my sensitive parts, this is it. Before leaving the house, I applied the Butt Shield to my skin in areas prone to chafing. While I was expecting it to feel a bit greasy or gooey like petroleum jelly, I was pleased to find that after drying for a couple of minutes I couldn’t even tell it was there. And most importantly, despite a long and sweaty hike where I was doing my best to keep up with someone much faster than me, I experienced zero irritation or chafing in my normal problem areas. This stuff WORKS.

Chafing is one of those things people tend not to discuss, and it can be a source of embarrassment for many. But it’s a common malady that many hikers face, so don’t feel bad if it happens to you. Check out 2Toms Butt Shield to prevent the irritation so you can get out and hike in comfort!2Toms Butt Shield

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received 2Toms Butt Shield for free from Medi-Dyne as coordinated by Outdoor PR in consideration for review publication.

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