Tijuana River Valley Regional Park – Southwest

The Tijuana River has a reputation for being a rather unclean watercourse, and deservedly so. A multitude of political and socioeconomic factors contribute to the pollution of the river, which flows north from Mexico into the U.S. before reaching the Pacific Ocean. While both countries have been working together to clean up the river and […] Continue reading →

Horsethief Canyon

Like its name implies, Horsethief Canyon was once used by thieves to corral stolen horses before heading for the Mexican border. These days the area has a less notorious reputation, and is more frequently visited by hikers than criminals. This hike travels along the western section of the Espinosa trail, through some stunning oak woodlands to the […] Continue reading →

Product Review: 2Toms Butt Shield

All right Hikers, today we’re going to discuss one of the less glamorous aspects of hiking: chafing. More importantly, we’re going to talk about a great product for avoiding it: 2Toms Butt Shield. When you mix sweat-inducing physical exertion and constant motion, it’s not uncommon for patches of skin, particularly in unpleasantly sensitive areas, to […] Continue reading →

Way Up Trail/Lake Hodges Overlook (Elfin Forest Recreational Reserve)

The Elfin Forest Recreational Reserve is a popular North County hiking and mountain biking destination. The Reserve is home to the Olivenhain Reservoir and is owned and operated by the Olivenhain Municipal Water District. There are 11 miles of trail that pass through oak riparian, oak woodland, coastal sage scrub, and chaparral habitats providing a […] Continue reading →