About Hiking San Diego County

Here in San Diego, we are amazingly fortunate to have a huge variety of scenery and habitats to explore. From sandy beaches, boulder and chapparal covered hills, oak shaded rivers and creeks, pine covered mountains, to arid deserts and slot canyons, you can find just about any kind of landscape you want in San Diego County.

Trails can be found just about everywhere. From the small canyons and paths tucked in along freeways and residential neighborhoods, to the large swaths of open space, State Parks, and National Forest further out, our goal is to help you explore ALL of the amazing hiking trails available in San Diego County. Whether you are new to hiking and just want a quick 2 mile jaunt through the local park, or you are an experienced hiker looking for an epic journey through the mountains, there is a hike for you here. Currently, we are primarily focused on day hikes, but hopefully we’ll expand into overnight backpacking as life permits.

We try to provide very detailed descriptions of the trails we visit so you can get a full sense of what you will find. I have often been frustrated by guides that show a picture of a quaint, oak-shaded grotto along an 8 mile trail, only to find once I got there that that was the only tree on the entire hike. Our trail write-ups attempt to bring you with us as we hike, with numerous pictures and descriptions of both the good and the bad. We will show you not only the fabulous views from the top of the mountain or the silky cascade of the waterfall, but the entirety of the trail that brought us there.

Thank you for visiting Hiking San Diego County, we hope you find our site useful and informative. If you have any comments or suggestions, please feel free to contact us.