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South County

Cactus Hill Loop

Sweetwater Summit Regional Park has 15 miles of trails to explore, open to hikers, bikers and equestrians. The nearby Sweetwater Reservoir provides a scenic backdrop to the park’s rolling grass-covered hills. The park is also prime territory for vernal pools – temporary pools of water that form only during the wet season and provide important habitat for endangered and threatened species like the San Diego fairy shrimp. Continue reading →

Dictionary Hill Open Space Preserve

Dictionary Hill Open Space Preserve in Spring Valley is the newest addition to the County’s open space parks. Thanks to the dedication and perseverance of the Dictionary Hill Open Space Advocates, the County Board of Supervisors recently voted to acquire and preserve these 175 acres. In the 1800’s, Dictionary Hill was known as Lookout Mountain. […] Continue reading →

Tijuana Estuary

The Tijuana Estuary is an internationally known bird-watching destination in our own backyard, home to threatened and endangered species such as the California Least Tern, Snowy Plover, and Ridgway’s Clapper Rail. While over 90% of California’s coastal wetlands have disappeared, the Tijuana River National Estuarine Reasearch Reserve is protected by several government agencies (including California […] Continue reading →

Tijuana River Valley Regional Park – Southwest

The Tijuana River has a reputation for being a rather unclean watercourse, and deservedly so. A multitude of political and socioeconomic factors contribute to the pollution of the river, which flows north from Mexico into the U.S. before reaching the Pacific Ocean. While both countries have been working together to clean up the river and […] Continue reading →

Tijuana Estuary/Tijuana Slough National Wildlife Refuge – North Coast Trail

A raised dune separates the beach from the estuary We had recently hiked the coast on the southern side of the Tijuana River in our visit to Border Field State Park, and decided today that we’d check out the north side. The North Coast trail is part of the Tijuana Slough National Wildlife Refuge, which, along with Border Field State Park and some county owned […] Continue reading →