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Palomar Mountain State Park

Doane Valley Nature Trail (Palomar Mountain State Park)

The Doane Valley Nature Trail in Palomar Mountain State Park is a beautiful little interpretive trail in the heart of Palomar. This short little hike takes you along Doane Creek (and across it several times), through towering cedars and pines, and along the edge of a meadow. This is a great choice if you have young children or non-hikers in your group and you want an easy stroll through some spectacular scenery. You can download an interpretive guide with information about various numbered exhibits you will find along the trail.
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Thunder Spring and Chimney Flats Loop (Palomar Mountain State Park)

There aren’t a lot of areas in San Diego County that really make you feel like you’re in “the mountains,” but Palomar Mountain most certainly qualifies. With nearly 30″ of average annul precipitation, Palomar is a unique and beautiful gem within our otherwise mostly arid county. The Thunder Spring and Chimney Flats Loop takes you […] Continue reading →