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North County

Gonzales Canyon

Gonzales Canyon has a modest network of trails that explore several connected canyons. The Torrey Pines Loop Trail, which has only a modest stand of Torrey Pines at the very end, explores two adjacent canyons full of mixed chaparral and coastal sage scrub. We combined this loop with a section of the Lagoon Trail, which travels along a lush riparian belt, for a scenic and varied figure-8 dual loop. Continue reading →

Hosp Grove

Hosp Grove was established in 1908 as a business venture by F.P. Hosp, who hoped to profit by selling the wood from fast-growing eucalyptus trees for use in the railroads. Unfortunately for Hosp, eucalyptus wood turned out to be unsuitable for construction purposes, and much of the land was eventually sold for residential development. Hosp’s […] Continue reading →