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Kumeyaay Lake

Kumeyaay Lake in Mission Trails Regional Park was once a series of gravel pits along the San Diego River. After being mined out in the 1970’s, the area was restored and has since become an important nesting ground for the endangered Least Bell’s Vireo. The lake is also open to recreational fishing, and lies immediately adjacent to the Kumeeyaay Lake Campground, open on weekends and certain holidays. Continue reading →

Pyles Peak (Mission Trails Regional Park)

Pyles Peak While just about everyone has hiked Cowles Mountain, surprisingly few bother to continue on to Pyles Peak, the second highest peak in Mission Trails. Pyles Peak can only be accessed by first summiting Cowles then traveling another another 1.5 miles northwest. You’ll quickly leave the constant stream of hikers and trail runners behind on this trek […] Continue reading →