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East County

Crestridge Ecological Reserve – Valley View Truck Trail

Crestridge Ecological Reserve is wonderful oasis between Interstate 8 and the residential development of Crest. The reserve contains approximately 3000 acres of protected habitat, including riparian and oak woodlands, coastal sage scrub, and chaparral. There are numerous, interconnecting trails which connect as far as Flinn Springs County Park and Los Coches Road, allowing one to craft hikes of varying lengths and difficulties. Continue reading →

Lake Jennings

Lake Jennings is a man-made reservoir located in Lakeside. While its main purpose is to provide drinking water, Lake Jennings also provides a wide array of recreational opportunities including fishing, camping, boating, bird-watching, and most importantly, hiking. While the campground is open 7 days a week, the eastern side of the lake is only open […] Continue reading →

Horsethief Canyon

Like its name implies, Horsethief Canyon was once used by thieves to corral stolen horses before heading for the Mexican border. These days the area has a less notorious reputation, and is more frequently visited by hikers than criminals. This hike travels along the western section of the Espinosa trail, through some stunning oak woodlands to the […] Continue reading →