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William Heise County Park

William Heise County Park in Julian has a number of shorter trails running throughout. We had previously explored the Kelly Ditch Trail, which runs from Heise to Lake Cuyamaca, and several trails on the northern side of the park including the Desert View Trail. That left us with three remaining trails to explore: the Fern Trail, the Potter Loop, and the Cedar Trail. Since all three of these trails connect, we elected to combine them into one larger loop. The result was this moderate 3.2 mile hike with a wonderful variety of scenery. Continue reading →

Dictionary Hill Open Space Preserve

Dictionary Hill Open Space Preserve in Spring Valley is the newest addition to the County’s open space parks. Thanks to the dedication and perseverance of the Dictionary Hill Open Space Advocates, the County Board of Supervisors recently voted to acquire and preserve these 175 acres. In the 1800’s, Dictionary Hill was known as Lookout Mountain. […] Continue reading →

Hosp Grove

Hosp Grove was established in 1908 as a business venture by F.P. Hosp, who hoped to profit by selling the wood from fast-growing eucalyptus trees for use in the railroads. Unfortunately for Hosp, eucalyptus wood turned out to be unsuitable for construction purposes, and much of the land was eventually sold for residential development. Hosp’s […] Continue reading →