This Week in San Diego Hiking – September 26, 2016

20120102_DSC3960-EditIronMtnSunsetPhoto: Sunset from the Iron Mountain Trail

Hello Hikers!

Welcome to fall! While much of the country gets to look forward to cooler temperatures this time of year, San Diego gets Santa Anas and red flag fire conditions. It look like things should start cooling off a bit around Wednesday.

We are sad to report that a hiker collapsed and died on Cowles Mountain Sunday morning. The hiker went into cardiac arrest while on the trail, and despite rescue efforts, died.

Mark your calendar for October 16th, when the 6th Annual Palomar Apple Festival will be held at Palomar Mountain State Park. There will be free admission to the park for the entire day, as well as games, arts and crafts, apple pressing demonstrations, apple goodies, live music and more!

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Have a good week!

20150614DSC_1210Laguna_CuyamacaPhoto: Laguna to Cuyamaca

Famosa Slough

2016_famosa_slough_dsc_9431-edit Famosa Slough is a 37 acre Marine Conservation Area which protects fragile wetland habitat near the point where the San Diego River meets the Pacific Ocean. While the surrounding area has been heavily developed, this small portion of wetland provides a peaceful patch of nature. The Slough is a popular spot for birdwatchers year-round, and a frequent […] Continue reading →

This Week in San Diego Hiking – September 19, 2016

20160501_DSC5820-EditLucky5 Photo: Lucky 5 Trail Hello Hikers! The National Weather Service is forecasting a slight chance of thunderstorms today and tomorrow throughout the county, so watch out for lightning if you’re headed out. After Tuesday it looks like it should be pretty nice out. Next Saturday is National Public Lands Day! There will be free admission […] Continue reading →

This Week in San Diego Hiking – September 5, 2016

20160331_DSC0187-Tijuana_River_Valley Photo: Tijuana River Valley Regional Park Hello Hikers! Happy Labor Day! Hopefully you’re enjoying the cool weather and long weekend, because neither is going to last. CBS has an article that is both entertaining and informative alerting Southern California hikers that it is now tarantula mating season, so we are much more likely to encounter […] Continue reading →